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  1. Your ICT experience has given you an example of how ICT is working in our lives. After learning all the concepts, in your view, how will ICT help you in your journey as you go through employment and finding a good job?
  •          I think that ICT can help me in a way that it can make my job/work much easier than before. Because of the advancements that ICT brought to the society, everyone can now work in a more convenient way. ICT can also help me in finding a good job because it provides me the capability to surf online and to find job fairs or apply/inquire to a certain company, and also to search for good employers online for me to be enable to find a job in an easy way. It will also help me in communicating while working or while finding a job on the internet. It is really a big help having ICT in our society. ICT has a big role in helping me as an individual who frequently uses the internet as a source of information and entertainment. Lastly, with the help of ICT, I can easily do a certain task/work that will be given to me.


2. How are you going to be an instrument in bridging the gap between digital immigrants and digital natives?

  •            I have observed that there are really problems when it comes to the digital immigrants in our 21st century today. As a student, I believe that the easiest way that I can be an instrument in bridging the gap between the two is that to be more patient and willing to teach the digital immigrants today, because they need to learn about the modernization  of our technology in order for them to work or communicate conveniently and entertain themselves. Secondly, I will try to tell or persuade the digital natives like me to be more understanding, if the digital immigrant people cannot easily understand or cope up with our technology today.  Lastly, learn the art of acceptance that not all people can easily cope up or do something that they are not familiar with, because they have their own eras and maybe at their time, we, millenials are not familiar to what they have back then. But, never stop teaching them for them to understand and embrace the technology of the 21st century.


        Hello I’m Kareez a 18 years old Humanities and Social Sciences Student from Pasig Catholic College. I usually spend a lot of my time browsing the internet searching for new knowledge that I want to acquire. I am an aspiring broadcast journalist or a script writer.

Ps. My posts are mostly opinionated because it is my freedom to express what I want to say about a certain topic.

My life in different perspectives


Above shown is an incomplete picture of my “not so big” family. They are my constants, my source of strength, patience and understanding. I just want to share this photo to you, my readers (hehe) because I am so proud that this is my family. 😉

Photo taken last October 16, 2016 at Active Fun BGC

My constants